Policies - School Policies and Plans

The Education Committee formulate, revise and update School Policies.

Below is a list of policies and plans that can be downloaded as a PDF or Word document and viewed.


Parent Payment Policy 2021


EPS Asthma Policy 2017 

EPS First Aid Policy 2017

EPS Volunteers Policy 2017                                                                                                             

EPS Head Lice Policy 2012                                                   

EPS Awards Policy 2013

EPS Bullying Policy 2017                                                  

EPS eSmart Policy 2013 

EPS Homework Policy 2013                                                

EPS eLearning Policy 2017                                                     

EPS Anaphylaxis Management Policy 2017

EPS Behaviour Management Policy 2017

EPS Bus Policy 2014

EPS Camps Policy 2014

EPS Excursions Policy 2014

EPS Mandatory Reporting Policy 2014

EPS Medication Policy 2014

EPS On Site Supervision Policy 2014

EPS Student Welfare Policy 2014

EPS Uniform Policy 2014

EPS Visitors Policy 2017 

EPS Facebook Policy 2015

EPS Mobile Devices Policy 2015   

EPS Healthy Choices Policy 2015

EPS Leave Policy 2015 

EPS SunSmart Policy 2015

EPS Venue Hire Policy 2015    

EPS Child Safe Commitment 2016                                                                                                         

EPS Smoke Free Policy 2016                                        

EPS Complaints Policy                                                

EPS Parent Payment Policy 2018